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المعكوسات - Opposites

تعلم طفلك للمعكوسات يساعده في زيادة عدد المفردات لديه . و هنالك طرق عديده لتعليم الطفل المعكوسات من خلال الصور او الالعاب  او اللعب 

ابدئي بفرق كبير بين الصفات مثال: طاوله  (كبيره) وقلم  ( صغير)
قللي الفرق تدريجياً ، مثال: كتاب (كبير) و دفتر (صغير)
ثالثاً :
قللي الفرق إلى أن يتمكن الطفل من مقارنة شيئين متقاربين مثال: محمد أطول من فهد
رابعاً :
يوظف الطفل الصفات في حديثه.

مثال : 
علمي طفل من خلال العابه مثلا احضري دب كبير و دب صغير
او من خلال اللعب
- خطوه كبيره خطوه صغيره 
-  وجه فرحان وجه زعلان 

opposites / adj :
Opposites are pairs of words that have different meanings. Learning and comprehending basic 
concepts word pairs of opposites allows children to gain new vocabulary as well. For example, when a child comprehends the opposite word pair of hot/cold, he/she can then expand his/her vocabulary with words such as warm/cool. 

Start with a large difference  Example: table (big) and Pen (small) 
Cut down on the difference gradually, for example: the book (large) and notebook (small) 
Limit the difference  to be able to compare between the two things  example: Mohammed longer than Fahd 
the child uses the opposites in his everyday  speech 

  • Find a small teddy bear and a big one to teach big and small or baby and adult.
  • Using balls of different sizes and weights you can teach big and small, heavy and light, and float or sink.
  • Using a ball and a bucket, cup or box, teach your toddler in and out, over and under, as well as up and down.
  • Some toys have volume - for example toy dog, trucks, dolls. Use these toys to teach loud and quiet.
Here are a few simple activities that you can do with your toddler 

  • Reach high to the sky and low to the ground
  • Take a big step and a little step
  • Clap your hands loudly and quietly
  • Run fast, then slow (toddler’s pace)
  • Happy face, sad face
  • Fill a cup with water, empty cup
  • Open lid, shut lid
  • Sit down, stand up
  • Turn to the right and then left
  • Jump up and crouch down


Ways to Teach Opposites - by Kevin Stuckey, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

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